Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Zikir Terapi Diri

Zikir Terapi Diri-Hafiz Hamidun.

To be very honest this is my first Nasyid Album, and the first product that I bought online. Thanks to and Thanks to Mr. Hafiz Hamidun (or should I call him Ustaz) for recommending me the site. Syukran Jazillan ... ^^

I heard the preview of the whole album, way before it was released. He posted the teaser of the album, on one of the popular social network. I heard it a few times, and was quite keen on purchasing it.Seriously he's got a pretty good singing voice... MasyaAllah. But that wasn't a good enough reason for me to purchase it.
 Honestly, I don't normally listen to Nasyid, unless it's Raihan or Sami Yusuf. Listening to his Nasyid songs was something new for me.

Before purchasing the album, I went around the net looking for reviews and critics by fans. The review that I read on the land of bluebird was all positive review. I listened to the teaser one more time. And made up my mind to purchase it. Something in me told me to purchase it and that it was worth every penny spent.
So I twitted to the artiste himself to where to purchase it...he said Islamic shops. Knowing my schedule, which is work work work, I know I wouldn't have time to go out to  purchase the album. Being a kindergarten teacher is no easy task. I'm forced to work around the clock to meet deadlines on time. So going to the shops was not an option.

I twitted him one more time, and asked if I could purchase online. He recommended I went to to the site, the site was under maintenance. It was a bit of disappointing.

So, I twitted him one last time, and asked for another site...he recommended
Bak kata pepatah...Kalau nak seribu daya.

I wanted this album badly. I went online, and made my orders. A week later, the long waited album arrived. I popped it in my laptop, and listened to it.

I found myself almost snoozing at the end of the album.

Don't get me wrong. The album was not boring. It's superb. The zikir zikir that was recited musically was soothing to my soul and brain. It was very therapeutic.
Betul la...dia tajukkan album tu Zikir Terapi Diri, and I must say that listening to it is like having therapy for my soul. I was happy, Alhamdullilah.
I'm going to do a little experiment, and have my young kindergarten students listen to the songs in this album next week, and see their reactions when I put the album on. InsyaAllah...

Over all, I like all the zikirs in this album. But my personal one is "La Hawla Wa La". The track has been my lullaby every night since I got this album, and it also has been my "therapy" track whenever I'm stress and loaded with work.
This track is my favourite, because I like the music arrangement here (I'm not musical intelligent, but I for some reason I love the sound of piano/keyboard). It's slow, yet beautiful.It's haunting in a good way. I can listen to it all day, and will never get sick of it, InsysaAllah.

Do I have any regrets purchasing this album? Nope. I'm glad I bought it. It's money worth spent.


Khairul Fadhli said...


Terima kasih kerana membeli dari Muslim Niaga. Diharapkan produk Hafiz Hamidun ini memberikan anda kepuasan dari segi mutu dan kandungan.

Sekiranya ada kekurangan dari pihak Muslim Niaga, boleh e-mail kepada kami di :)

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